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reset + restore course

Break free from diet and exercise culture. Nurture, nourish, and educate yourself at your own pace.

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what the course includes:

8 Modules Loaded with Lessons for Restoring the Metabolism ($1750 value)


Lessons covering Root Cause vs. Symptom Management, Myths Concerning Nutrition and Mindset, the Body's Communication System, Digestion, Foundational Nutrients, Supporting Detox, Customizing Macronutrients for Your Needs, Mineral Balancing, Nourishing to Heal, Sleep, Light Therapy and other Stress Management Tools, and much more!


6 Hours of Video Training ($1000 value)


Recipe Book with 50+ Metabolism Healing Recipes ($40 value)


8 Weeks of Workouts + Modifications ($450 value)


Handouts and Guides for Sleep & Stress Reduction, Personal Care & Beauty Products, Home Care, Supplements Guide + Discount Codes ($40 value)

Private Facebook Support Group ($150 value)


$3430 value for $397!

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